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Military Health Care

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Military health care (also military medicine ) is a branch of medication applied to the armed forces. It specialises in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, trauma, injuries, and neuropsychiatric disorders related to the exercise of the military profession. It uses the methods of medicine applied to particular aspects of military occupation, both in times of peace and in conditions of war.

Military health corps employ military personnel specialized in medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, psychology, or nursing and usually operate and manage facilities such as military hospitals, field or blood hospitals, hospital ships, etc.


Its functions are the following:

  • Maintain the maximum human potential of the Armed Forces in good health conditions through appropriate preventive measures, medical, surgical, dental, hospitalisation, and recovery treatments.
  • Propose the policy and determine the rules and procedures for the use of the health resources of the Armed Forces for times of peace and war, as well as apply the provisions in this regard by the higher command.
  • Provide outpatient and hospital care at levels of primary prevention by specialities and specialised.
  • Develop teaching and research actions that promote the institutional and individual efficiency of the Health Services of the Armed Forces.
  • Research health care problems in their area of ​​responsibility on conditioning factors of the same for the evaluation and periodic readjustment of the Health Programs.
  • Cooperate in investigations and epidemiological studies by the Ministry of Public Health. Knowing the community’s health problems and establishing solutions for them is interesting.
  • Maintain the specificity and integration of the Health Service of the Armed Forces in the National Health System.
  • Supervise and technically control the Health Services of the Armed Forces in all health areas.
  • Maintain the biostatistical compilation of the Sanitary Systems and timely and adequate information concerning hygienic-preventive problems.
  • Ensure an appropriate psychophysical selection of military personnel and periodic medical examinations.
  • Formulate and execute plans for the recruitment, mobilization, and training of Health Personnel to support operations.
  • Recommend the levels of equipment and supplies in the Health Organizations of the Armed Forces, as well as their recovery and maintenance.

General Information of the Military School of Health Graduates

Clinical fields

  • Central Military Hospital.
  • Medical Specialties Unit.
  • Military Hospital for Women and Neonatology Specialties.
  • Dental Specialties Unit.
  • Children’s Rehabilitation Center.
  • Various Institutions of the Health Sector and private, national, and foreign.

Specific objectives of the courses

  • Specialties in Medicine.
  • Specialties in Dentistry.
  • Residencies in Dentistry.
  • Nursing Specialties.
  • High Specialties in Medicine.
  • Course methodology.

For the Specialty courses for Medical Surgeons:

It will carry out under the learning methodology based on the solution of medical problems with patients; during hospital performance, using the didactic modality of seminars. Being able to reinforce teaching (when this is the case) through practice in the experimental laboratory of medical procedures with corpses, experimental animals, dummies, simulators, and gifted programs. The teacher will participate in facilitating learning through tutorial teaching.

To exercise in the student the independent search for information and in the critical reflection of it for the in-depth study of the subject of knowledge, as well as in the exhibition and sustained confrontation of their ideas and professional experiences.

  • Promote the acquisition and application of techniques, procedures and techniques, and instruments, as well as the exhibition and sustained confrontation of their ideas and professional experiences.
  • So develop the discipline of excellence, constant, and socialised medical work. That makes the student responsible and encourages his initiative and creativity by placing him as a subject of his learning.

The work of medical care will materialize (when this is the case) with the hospital performance that will carry out in the areas of rotation of operating rooms, external consultation, pre-anesthetic medical visits, and recovery room.

For the specialities of Dental Surgeons and Nursing

How the specialization courses for Dental Surgeons and Nursing staff develop are:

Therefore the head of the course is directly responsible for organizing. Supervising and evaluating the theoretical-practical activities that professors and students perform to achieve the system’s objectives.

In the case of the student, staff to make a complete revision of the contents foreseen in the plan and program of studies and on the part of the professors when selecting strategies such as the bibliographic review, directed discussion, review of clinical cases, demonstration, same that The nature of the learning content will determine them, characteristics of the student staff, size of each pedagogical group, time and available resources.


The term military health has several potential connotations. It may mean A medical specialty, specifically a branch of occupational medicine. Therefore I was attending to the medical risks and needs of soldiers, sailors, and other service members.

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