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What is Caffeine Free Coke?

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Coca-Cola light without sugar caffeine-free coke was launched in Spain in 1998 with great success. Sometimes the consumer wants to enjoy a delicious Coca-Cola without sugar with Coca-Cola light flavor. Still, in those moments of maximum tranquility or relaxation, he wants it to have no caffeine. In addition, Coca-Cola’s creamy taste without sugar without Caffeine contains no calories. Coca-Cola has zero sugar, zero Caffeine, Coca-Cola zero sugar, Coca-Cola delicate flavor without sugar, Coca-Cola zero sugar Cherry and Coca-Cola Cola zero sugar Lemon.


How many calories does a Diet Coke WITHOUT Caffeine have?

A 330 ml can of Coca-Cola light WITHOUT Caffeine has 1 Kcal, representing 0% of the guideline daily amount (CDO.)

How is Coca-Cola Zero different from Coca-Cola Light?

The two drinks, in detail

The other soft drink is less harmful to our health than the original since it does not contain sugars. Even so, experts recommend moderate consumption of Coca-Cola since it can have severe consequences if we abuse these liquids, such as a deterioration of our bone system.

So that this is not so important, the two best-known variants are Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Light. Although they are similar in flavor and stand out for the absence of sugar and being very low in calories, their chemical composition is not the same, precisely because of the two elements.

These are citric acid (E-330) and phosphoric acid. Both components appear in the Diet Coke recipe, while the Zero version only has phosphoric acid. However, none of this marks the taste, as Coca-Cola ensures on its website.

Going into details, Coca-Cola Zero is more similar to the original, while the Light version is more aromatic and lighter, as its name suggests. Of course, both drinks share the same ingredients, such as carbonated water, dye E-150d, aspartame, and sweeteners E-950 and E-952. They are joined, of course, by the well-known Caffeine.

What is a glass of Coca-Cola equal to?

As we mentioned, the experts are against abusing any beverage, such as Coca-Cola. One of the curiosities about this soft drink is that, in its original version, a single glass can be equivalent to 27 grams of simple sugars, an amount 30% higher than recommended for an adult.

Which Coca-Cola is better and has less sugar

Coca-Cola Company is a giant in the soft drink industry, and it is a company that has evolved over the years and has thus adapted to current trends. The most relevant are its options of sugar-free soft drinks: Coca-Cola No Sugar, Coca-Cola Light, and Coca-Cola Zero. Know the main differences in their formulas and take control of your health. Let’s be truthful: soft drinks will never be a healthy choice. However, when we decide to give ourselves a special treat, it is worth considering healthier and lower-sugar options. Undoubtedly Coca-Cola is one of the most consumed, favorite, and popular soft drinks. It is a project that has been able to evolve over the years, and based on that, and they are familiar with current needs creating all kinds of variations. It is indisputable that sugar-free options have cornered the market in recent years.

Its most prevalent version is Coca-Cola No sugar (without sugar), one of its most successful variants for many fans. It has the benefit of being a sugar-free alternative with a taste almost equal to the classic drink. However, we cannot rule out that the family offers other options without sugar, as with famous variants such as Coca-Cola Light and Coca-Cola Zero. In such a way, it cannot be evident for many consumers to make the best decisions.


However, the taste of Diet Coke is not similar to Coca-Cola Zero. And it is that, according to Mashed, each drink uses a different formula. Thus, the additives and sugar substitutes used for each type of Coca-Cola are not the same.

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