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The best health food stores choose based on various criteria. Including those that offer the best supplements, variety, products, or superfoods.

For example, we chose Direct Eats for its ability for people with dietary restrictions to remove allergens from search results. Kalyx was selected for its tea selection, while Vitacost made our list for its array of eco-friendly supplements and cleaning products.



It is a store of ecological and organic products. One of those to which any type of person concerned about what they eat and, ultimately, about their health, come with hope. Here we work on the seasonality and temporality of food, the basis of a healthy diet. This is precisely what we pursue in this open neighbourhood market in the Embajadores area.

Natural Athlete

Are you one of those who control and care for what they eat? Well, you will love this store because it only has 100% natural products, without additives and refined sugar, freshly made smoothies, granola, or nut bars. But plan well because the only thing inside its packaging with a very Nordic and minimalist aesthetic is ‘only good things.

Garten True Food

The love for healthy and natural food has led the owners to open Garten True food. A space that combines an ecological minimarket, cafeteria, and bakery. Everything is fresh and natural, from its sandwiches and smoothies to salads and dishes of the day. His philosophy is to search for the best ingredients and combine them in fun and flavorful ways, confirming that healthy food does not have to be bland. To take away, or to drink at the tables that are on the premises.

Kiki’s Market (CLOSED)

An ecological grocery store is so beautiful that you want to keep an empty fridge to go shopping again. Wooden boxes and old scales give this shop in the La Latina neighbourhood a vintage feel. From organic fruits and vegetables to wines, sweets, bread, and preserves, at Kiki Market, you can find practically everything. Of course, its quality is meticulous. They bet on ‘kilometre 0’ products, bought directly from local farmers, and on fresh and seasonal raw materials to prepare a healthy and tasty menu. But in addition, this place has a space to organise private dinners, tastings, and even gastronomic workshops. And if you don’t feel like cooking one day, try their catering service!

Love Watercress

If even traditional and neighbourhood markets sign up for organic food, it’s because things are serious. In the Mercado de San Fernando, in Lavapiés. We find this ecological greengrocer where you can make personalised orders at a fixed price and buy the week’s fruits. From €10, which includes 5 kilos of seasonal fruit and vegetables, or €20, for a complete basket, to something custom-made. Including all the products everyone wants. They also organise creative cooking courses and workshops and even deliver at home, so there is no excuse to switch to the healthy side of life.

White Pitcher

A dairy in the Malasana neighbourhood? It is not audacity, or at least Nacho Navarro and Adrian Jato did not see it as such in March 2015. They embarked on the adventure of recovering the sale of fresh milk in bulk in the centre of the capital. An idea that has been welcomed with joy by many residents of the area, who come to the business to fill bottles of freshly milked milk at a Madrid farm. But not only does Cantaro Blanco live on milk. But it also sells a range of dairy products, including yoghurts, milkshakes, butter, and cheese. Along with other artisanal products such as jams, cakes, or sobs.

Mama Campo’s Grocery Store

We want more spaces like this, with commitment, humility, and a good face. It’s half grocery store, half restaurant, and they feed off each other. Everything in this house has a provider behind them who they call by name, whether he brings them honey orchard. They have created a comprehensive project with transversal ideas that underlie a well-designed concept, with attention to detail like few others.

Organic Market Food

Dahl burger, matcha green bowl, rye bread sandwich, avocado, and smoked tofu are dishes that you will find in this new place. Which opened last spring, and that you can enjoy in its dining room or on its pleasant terrace. Alkalinize, depurative, gluten-free, antioxidant, sugar-free, and Ayurvedic are some of the concepts used in this dynamic and multifunctional space that combines a restaurant. A library, an organic grocery store, and a children’s area. A place that leads a healthier and more self-aware life by example, from the workshops it organises to the meditation room installed under the same roof. To take care of yourself private and out.


If you are one of those who care about what they eat, you will love this list of shops, colmados, markets, and supermarkets. Not only because they are places where you can do your shopping by filling your basket only with healthy products, but because some go further. So they even bet on snacks and appetisers made with one hundred per cent natural ingredients, without added sugars. And no chemicals are pervasive in the food industry globally, but not in these stores.

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