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Everything You Should Know About www.tescoviews

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Tesco, an international British retailer of foodstuffs and general merchandise, is conducting a guest satisfaction survey through an online portal at www.tescoviews. It is a brand-hosted and customized online survey. This online survey is one of the most well-known consumer evaluations. The brand created and hosted this online survey to measure client satisfaction with the quality and merchandise they provided. Along with this, they want to know about the cleaning standards, the environment, and whether or not one will recommend it to their family members and friends.

It allows customers to provide feedback to the company about their recent shopping experiences at a Tesco store. The info gathered by the organization is used to enhance the quality of the merchandise and solutions offered to clients. The survey is a simple and short online questionnaire that should take customers less than 10 minutes to finish.

This response is critical to the business since it will enable them to enhance all subsequent Tesco shopping experiences for customers. Your thoughts, whether good or negative, are important. You may also utilize the survey to recognize a specific member of staff and let him or her know that they are doing an excellent job.

About Tesco UK (www.tescoviews)

Tesco PLC is an international British retailer of groceries and other goods with its headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, England. It was the third largest retailer globally in terms of gross sales in 2010 and the ninth-largest globally in terms of earnings. It has chain stores in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Republic of Hungary, the UK, Ireland, and the Czech Republic. With a market share of over 28.4% in the UK, it dominates the grocery sector.

In 1918, Jack Cohen established Tesco as a group of market stalls in London’s Hackney neighbourhood when he started selling war-surplus groceries from a stand in that area. Post Cohen bought a shipment of tea from T. E. Stockwell in 1924, he began coining the brand Tesco by combining those 3 initials with the first two of his last name. In Burnt Oak, Barnet, the very first Tesco outlet debuted in 1931. The business expanded swiftly, and by 1939, Stockwell controlled more than 100 Tesco outlets all over the country.

Since the early 1990s, Tesco has continued to expand internationally, operating in 11 different nations. In spite of leaving the United States in 2013, the company is still growing abroad as of 2018. Tesco has expand its business since the 1960s, entering new markets like books, apparel, electronics, furnishings, toys, gasoline, technology, financial services, telecom, and internet providers.

Rules and Requirements: Tesco UK Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • The survey is online.
  • The customer should have access to the internet and computer system.
  • The survey can be taken only if the customer has a receipt from the store from a previous purchase
  • To take the survey entry is online and via mail
  • The survey is limited to 1 person per receipt.
  • To take the review the customer must be a legal UK resident.
  • The client must be 18 years of age or above at the time of entry to the survey
  • One must have admittance to a computer or a mobile device with internet access
  • The customer must know the English language and have a basic understanding of the language.
  • A valid TESCO receipt with a survey summons is a must to participate in the survey


How to participate in the Tesco UK Guest Satisfaction Survey?

  • Step 1: TESCO customer satisfaction survey can only be taken online
  • Step 2: To participate in the survey. Go to
  • Step 3: Once you clack on the above link you would have to enter the 4-digit code from the receipt and click “ENTER”
  • Step 4: You will see a Thank You message for entering the Great Yarmouth Extra Tesco customer survey.
  • Step 5: Click “NEXT” to begin the survey in www.tescoviews.
  • Step 6: Enter the date of visit printed on your receipt from your recent TESCO visit and click on “NEXT”
  • Step 7: Enter the time of your visit printed on your receipt from your recent TESCO visit and click on “NEXT”
  • Step 8: Once the review starts you will get questions to answer
  • Step 9: Based on your experience with TESCO answer all the questions honestly and as accurately as you can
  • Step 10: Once you fill in the survey click on “NEXT”
  • Step 11: You shall be entering into a prize lure to win a €1000 TESCO gift card
  • Step 12: You shall be awarded 25 Clubcard points if you provide your Clubcard number.
  • Step 13: We appeal you to enter your contact information at the end of the survey
  • Step 14: Entering all required personal contact details will be helpful.
  • Step 15: It will help the TESCO team to get in touch with you in case you win and also you will be eligible for Clubcard points in case you are a Clubcard holder.


To evaluate how happy and content consumers are with Tesco’s products and services, the business has developed a digital survey, which may be accessed at www.tescoviews. If individuals take the moment to answer this survey, they will be providing precious information to the company. Anyone could redeem a one-of-a-kind offer printed on your receipt. Please read the reward specifics that you’re going to receive upon completion.

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