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How to do Travel Braids?

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Travel Braids

Your Travel Braids should look their best, whether you have to take a long or short trip by car, bus, train or plane. The ideal hairstyle for any trip requires minimal effort to achieve a beautiful appearance. We share with you our best hairstyle tricks for travelling. You can find the perfect hairstyle for your next trip in our gallery.

Successful travellers are flexible and aware of their surroundings. Unnecessary distractions outside of the trip and surroundings are not welcome. Therefore, it is better to wear a comfortable outfit and a simple hairstyle that does not require constant attention. Of course, this does not mean we should put style aside when travelling. Both the clothes and the hairstyle can be simple but at the same time significant.


Travel Braids: a hairstyle for each destination

Very elaborate hairstyles are not in fashion for female travellers. Moreover, a complex hairstyle would be a waste of time because straightened hair, extravagant curls or complicated braids would not hold up to the conditions of most trips. Travel hairstyles must conform to a set of specific standards. Classic hairstyles like the bun or ponytail are always practical. They keep the hair away from the face and allow to face the variations of time and schedule. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck or side to rest your head on the seat. The taut hair is practical for a day trip. This style is perfect for a vacationer’s adventures and elegant enough for an afternoon in the town or a casual dinner at a restaurant.

Travel Braids: stay in style

Even if you prefer to travel light, you will need to take some styling products with you when you travel. The dry shampoo refreshes the style, and the volumizing spray works exceptionally well for undone styles. Don’t forget to pack a small brush, some rubber bands, some clips and bobby pins.

We share more hairstyle ideas in our gallery. In his video tutorial, expert Armin Morbach demonstrates how to dry and straighten your hair before you venture out on a trip.

Celebrities choose travel hairstyles


For the timidest and groomed of the group, we have the look of Emma Roberts with a wide-brimmed hat and her already iconic bob. When you have short hair, you don’t even need to comb your hair because it looks fantastic without doing anything. Now, wearing a hat is the best option if you want to add a touch of glamour worthy of a Hollywood diva.

Our tip: Sometimes, packing beauty products on trips is very cumbersome. To save space and time in your suitcase, we recommend using the TRESemmé 3-in-1 Under Poo + Nourishing Cleansing Cream, which in addition to working as a cleansing agent, is also a conditioner and styling cream, ideal for your suitcase.

Boxer braids

Box braids are another of the travel hairstyles chosen by celebrities. They are popular because they are well made, comfortable, practical and will not need a touch-up throughout the flight. It allows you to keep your hair out of your face and look stylish on the way to immigration. They have many variants for you to choose the one that best suits you.

We suggest incorporating a styling cream such as Sedal Instant Restoration Styling Cream for long trips to prevent the plane air from drying your hair too much.

The top knot

Travel hairstyles get more accessible and manageable as we get closer to the end of the list. For example, the top knot is a daily favourite for jet-setters and off-duty models. It consists of making a high bun on the top of the head as if it were a knot regardless of its neatness or perfection. Yet, for some reason, it always looks good.


The classic and iconic ponytail adds to the list. You have to pull your head down to be able to gather all your hair and tie it high on your head. A quick comb with drops of Dove Nourishing Oil on the ends will make a difference, and your hair will feel renewed and fresh after so many hours of flying.

The Baseball cap

When all else fails, the baseball cap is your friend. Yes, indeed, it is not specifically a hairstyle for travelling, but in our search for the favourites, we realized that many celebs used them to remain incognito at airports, so it could not be missing. If you don’t like wearing your hair down, you can add two braids, a spike braid, or a low ponytail.


Braids are a connecting element for women regardless of ethnicity and social status. When a woman braids, she is in the process of brotherhood and building and interweaving thought.

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