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What is Kalyon Cleaner?

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Kalyon Cleaner

Kalyon Cleaner is a magical liquid formula that contains natural cleaning agents for flawless cleaning. This cleaner recommends cleaning fingerprints, water stains, dust and other stains that cannot remove quickly. However, this cleaner does not dull the items, although it restores the new shine. For this reason, the product is quite popular in America.


Where to use Kalyon Cleaner?

You can use this cleaner on various items such as glass cabinets, doors, tables, counters, mirrors, containers, windows, other glass items, etc. Moreover, it is an easy-to-clean formula that saves your hours and helps you keep your place neat.

If you are worried about scratches, dullness and colour fading, you should not. Additionally, the product uses natural cleaning agents to avoid harming your skin and the products.

General Cleaning

For a cleaner sink

Using a versatile and effective cleaner like Kalyon Kitchen Cleaner to clean your sink regularly daily can make your job much easier.

How to clean wooden kitchen cabinets?

You can choose Kalyon Wood Cleaner with Pine Extract, specially developed for wooden surfaces. Subsequently, removing excess moisture with a clean, dry cloth will prevent the wood from being damaged by water.

How is the mirror best cleaned?

One of the most operative methods for cleaning mirrors is to use Kalyon Glass Cleaner with Silicone. If you spray glass cleaner on the mirror and wipe it with a dry cloth until dehumidified, your mirror will be clean and bright.

How to open a blocked sink?

With its extra-strength, easily water-soluble formula, Kalyon’s Drain Opener cleans all your sinks and drains quickly and effortlessly, even if they are complete stope and full of water. You can instantly achieve the cleanliness you expect by pouring Kalyon’s Drain Opener down your dry drain.

Laundry Category

Your colourful clothes will dazzle.

For coloured cloths not to fade, you must first use the correct detergent. For example, you may prefer KALYON Automat Color Laundry Detergent, especially for coloured clothing. Although your clothes are spotless without damage, they always keep their colour from the first day.

How do white clothes get whiter?

You may be avoiding wearing white, thoughtful that washing white clothes is too much trouble. However, even on a short program, it is possible to remove stubborn stains in a single use. Thanks to the unique formulation of Kalyon’s Mountain Breeze Detergent (for Machine) that add to the wash dispenser, tough stains are processed and deep cleaned. As a result, your white clothes will have a snow-white appearance after washing.

Remove tough stains!

To combat tough stains, you can soak your clothes in the KALYON MATIK solution for a few hours and rewash them. However, we recommend you read the instructions carefully and check if it suits the fabric and garment you want to wash before using the product.

Is fabric softener used to wash clothes by hand?

It is not necessary to have a washing machine to use KALYON Softener… Determine the amount of softener according to the number of clothes you want, be sure to add the softener after soaking the clothes well during the rinse. Don’t forget to add the fabric softener by mixing it with water instead of applying it directly to the clothes to avoid staining your clothes.

So that the colour of the clothes does not fade

Improper washing or sunlight can cause the colour of the clothes to fade. To prevent clothing from fading, soak it in cold salt water before wearing it. Then use Kalyon detergents suitable for the colour of your clothes and do not expose them to direct sunlight. Especially if you turn the pants inside out and wash them, they keep their colour longer.

Dishwasher Category

Wash dishes by hand?

KALYON Liquid Dishwashing Detergents are very easy to use. Before using Liquid Detergent, separate your work into stages: First, remove all food residue from all dishes, then wash them with detergent water, and then proceed to the rinsing process. With Kalyon, sparkling dishes, wear-free hands and clean kitchens are a must.

Makes dishwashing easy

You don’t need to spend many hours fatigued to wash dishes! First, get a perfect clean by washing your words in the Machine with the KALYON Dishwasher Tablet! Then, enjoy the glamorous dishes!

How do you wash dishes better?

It is possible that the dishwasher does not wash as before or that the dishes come out as if they have not passed. In this case, be careful not to overfill the dishwasher. Instead, use Dishwasher Rinse Aid/Classic and Dishwasher Salt to wash your dishes better. Salt and rinse aid will reduce the lime content in the water.

To stop the tableware from scratching

Scratches on dishes that happen over time are among many people’s problems. First, be careful to put enough detergent in your dishwasher and arrange the words correctly to avoid this problem. However, to work most efficiently, you should continue to use KALYON Dishwasher Salt and Rinse Aid.

Wet Wipes

May little hands are clean all-day

You can safely use Kalyon Wet Wipes, which provide practical and complete hygiene for your children who play at home, in the park, on the beach and wherever you want. So may your child’s hands be clean and you feel comfortable on walks!

Bring the spring vibe to your office desk

Do you need your office to smell like flower gardens? You can start by cleaning your table with Kalyon’s Wet Wipes. You’ll notice that all the bad smells are gone, filling the air in your office with spring scents.

His drawer smells like flower gardens

If there is a cover on your drawers or a covering detail, remove it and place it under the Kalyon Baby Wipes or tape the baby wipe to the back inside the surface of the drawer. The towel will make the drawer smell sweet.


Suppose you are looking for any glass cleaner and found this Kalyon Cleaner helpful. In that case, we advise you to wait for some reliable and authentic reviews as no shopper’s reviews publish anywhere. At the same time, the brand has not gained any popularity yet.

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