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What is ICE Mortgage Technology?

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ICE Mortgage Technology

ICE Mortgage Technology, a share of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE: ICE), a critical worldwide provider of market data, technology and infrastructure, today shared that according to the ICE Millennial Tracker Mortgage Technology. The percentage of purchase activity on total loans closed among millennials increased for the third consecutive month.

Leveraging our deep experience in machine learning models and techniques, Permanente partnered with ICE Mortgage Technology to automate mortgage data collection and servicing.

Our extensive experience with the Encompass platform makes us an ideal partner to accelerate the adoption of this market-leading platform by providing data-driven, actionable insights.

ICE Mortgage Technology office

About ICE

ICE is a Fortune 500 company and earner of marketplace substructure, data services, and technology solutions to a wide range of clients, including financial institutions, corporations, and government entities. ICE operates on regulated marketplaces. Including the New York Stock Exchange for the listing, trading and clearing of a wide range of derivative contracts and financial securities across major asset classes.

ICE’s broad offering of data services supports the trading, investment, risk management and connectivity needs of clients worldwide and across all asset classes. As the leading technology provider for residential mortgages in the United States, ICE Mortgage Technology provides the technology and infrastructure to transform and digitize residential mortgages in the United States, from the loan application and origination to final settlement.

Key Points

  • We launched ICE Global Network (IGN) Cloud Connect, leveraging Megaport’s software-defined networking (SDN) to extend data access to the cloud.
  • IGN aims to provide secure, high-performance, low-latency connectivity to unicast financial data. Before, that data was not accessible within the public cloud.
  • We have expanded the reach of ICE Data Services’ proprietary content to IGN: e.g. ICE Consolidated Feed, ICE ETF Hub, Pricing & Reference Data.
  • Tailored the level of security and privacy customers experience when connecting locally to IGN.
  • Many clients now leverage IGN’s Cloud Connect services globally. Including asset managers, banks, retail, prop trading, watchdogs, solution providers, and wealth management providers.

About ICE’s Millennial Mortgage Tech Tracker

ICE Mortgage Technology’s Millennial Tracker focuses on millennial mortgage applications during specific periods. ICE Mortgage Technology defines millennials as candidates born between 1980 and 1999. New data is update every month for the previous two months. Millennial Tracker is a subset of the Start Vision Report. Which details collected and anonymized data pulled from the Encompass by ICE Mortgage Technology origination platform.


IGN Cloud Connect offers the following benefits to its customers:

Global Coverage: Customers can access over 700 enabled data centres in 24 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Because IGN Cloud Connect leverages Megaport’s SDN, a customer can connect to IGN from any of these Megaport-enabled locations worldwide. This present is ideal for customers who need secure, low-latency access to IGN without the need to co-locate to an IGN location.

No cloud provider lock-in: The ability to consume financial data offered through ICE Data Services from any public cloud environment. Such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.

Security, resiliency, and performance: Megaport’s SDN is a private network built specifically for capital markets that bypasses the public Internet.

Profitability and predictability: Fixed monthly quotas for bandwidth use for connectivity.

Time to Market: IGN Cloud Join is pre-connected amongst IGN and cloud providers so that connectivity can be provided to a customer in a matter of days. So reducing the wait time is usually associate with third-party providers.

Broad access to content: ICE Trade (formerly WebICE), ICE Connect, ICE Chat, eSignal and ICE’s unicast services (such as copy delivery and order entry). Third-party unicast content, pricing and analysis continuously evaluate pricing, pricing and reference data. Therefore CDS pricing data may be accessed via IGN Cloud Connect (subject to applicable terms and fees). IGN Cloud Connect customers interact with market data streaming and two-way order flow.


Customers now access ICE data services from the world’s leading public clouds, leveraging over 700 Megaport-enabled data centres. In addition, ICE has stringent security, resiliency and also performance requirements for our customers.

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