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Elden Ring Blonde Hair

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Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the highest-rated and best-selling original video game issue of 2022 and shows no signs of slowing down. Ring of Elden still tops the sales charts, with millions of players playing From Software’s epic open-world action RPG.

Elden Ring female character creation tutorial with sliders – a beautiful female character for Elden Ring. She is an improved version of my first Elden Ring creation,’ a super cute teen blonde warrior’. I loved her, but she quickly completed it because I was practicing. I did some finetuning, and in my eyes, she looks much better now.


How to get Blonde Hair in Game?

In the character-making menu, there is light blonde hair, then greenish blonde hair, which looks darker. I chose dirty blonde in the creation menu, which looks yellow and fades to black. After exiting the in-game crafting menu, the hair appears brown. I want a V with dirty blonde hair and normal blue eyes, like light blue but not so blue that they look fake.


After looking at the hair color palette, I’d say the second row, fourth column (starting at index 1), third, and fourth column are dirty blonde. From what you wrote, I can’t tell what color you chose. Out of all the colors, I’d say only four are blonde, so if you’re not happy with one, try another. Create a quick test character (Nomad’s background starts looking at you in the mirror).

As for the eyes, I only see two blue irises, with the first looking “normal”. The other blue is quite bright, almost to the point of fluorescence, and looks fake to me. So go with the blue first.

Yes, I finally went with the greenish blonde colour, second row, second column. When you enter the game, it looks like a dirty blonde color, but it’s also relatively light, and yes, I love deep blue eyes.

How to change the appearance at any time in Elden Ring?

While you can customize your character at the start of an adventure, chances are you’ll regret it hours later and want to change something, and it’s possible.

We have to explore the different customization services that we have available in Adventure, and so far, we have discovered two of them in the following places:

One of them is the mirror located in the round table dungeon, where you can customize the character.

Note that this mirror locates in the large bedroom where the deathbed companion resides, and interacting with the mirror will return you to the customization menu.

Another way to customize our character is to talk to Queen Renala at the Raya Lucaria Academy a little later in the Adventure.

It will only be available after defeating the Shardbearer boss fight in the Academy, a large structure northwest of Castle Stormvale.


End of discussion! The actual hair color of the person first seen in the trailer. The first time the woman got, her hair was orange. What you see next is white to black (although it looks grey, not blonde) due to the uniform color ratio. Her hair color ratio is almost uniform throughout her hair.

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