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About Hope Medical Supply

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Hope Medical

Hope Medical Supply began as an ambulance firm and soon began if oxygen and medical supplies. Hope Medical Supply specialises in one-use medical supplies and tailored medical kits. We offer excellent customer service, high-quality goods, and insurance reimbursement expertise. You can trust our stability and reliability in today’s changing healthcare environment. Our mission is to progress our customers’ health, well-being, and quality of life.

A medical device provider based in San Antonio, Texas. The company offers oxygen and respiratory therapy goods, sleep therapy equipment and supplies, spray medication pharmacy services, rehabilitation and mobility equipment, general durable medical equipment, wound care equipment and supplies, and enteral nutrition. And related products.


About Comfort Medical

Comfort Medical has built a strong reputation among patients and physicians as a trusted provider of catheters and ostomy products. We are loyal to being the supplier you can faith, offering support beyond once the package has arrived discreetly at your doorstep. Comfort Medical provides:

Hassle-free process – We work closely with your doctor and handle your insurance paperwork on your behalf.

Reset reminders so you do not ever run out of supplies.

Mobile app for easy reallocation, order tracking, and reminders

Access to new and innovative crops that can make your life easier.

Free welcome kit with first order

We work to make sure you have what you need when you need it, so you can focus on living your best life.

Why Hope for a Healthy Supply?

It was a rainy day in twilight June, and our family was bizarre and weary of analysis about PPE scams in the news. We couldn’t sit idly by while Americans struggled to find quality hygienic wipes and hand sanitizer, so we decided to shut up and do something about it. We are from Alabama, after all! We had the resources: our shipping warehouse in Alabama and many contacts with FDA-registered factories worldwide. In one week, we created Hope Healthy Supply to further our mission of putting affordable, high-quality personal protective equipment in the hands of Americans during this health crisis.

Is  Hope Healthy Supply It Worth It?

The business is worth buying from because that Hope Health Supply offers a variety of options, reasonable pricing, and impressively fast ship beginning. Hope Health Supply has thousands of joyful customers and reviews, showing that it is a dependable company.


  • covers a wide variety of protecting masks and accessories, so every consumer would be likely to find something they need
  • competitive prices and even sales to help users save more
  • super-fast delivery in the utmost cases
  • friendly and helpful customer service councils


  • some of the masks don’t seem 100% calm to some users (this strength depends on one’s head size and the front perfect that they choose)
  • the company hasn’t established the FDA’s approval yet.

Is Hope Health Supply FDA Approved?

Hopefully, the health supply registers with the FDA. However, registration does not imply the FDA’s authorization, approval, or clearance. It may clarify that Hope Health Supply is a relatively young company, and it is still on track to receive FDA approval. That said, Hope Health Supply’s masks see the general guidelines of medical professionals, which means they can be considered safe.

Are Hope Health Supply’s KN95 Masks Good?

Hope Health Supply’s KN95 masks meet the standards set by medical professionals, so these masks should do their job well.

The best item about these masks is that they are very comfortable. The bridge of the nose is flexible and soft, so it should not be painful or irritated. The ear loops are tight but soft. Therefore, they can work for various users and head sizes without putting too much pressure on the ears.

Where are Hope Health Supply masks made?

Hopefully, a healthy supply of masks will be manufacture in China. All covers are also test in a lab in the US.

It’s also worth noting that by making their masks overseas, Hope Health Supply can offer such competitive prices.


The Hope Health Supply business is new to the ready with only nine months of business, meaning they have no established reputation for quality. Second, the company not accredite by any controlling agency, which is a red flag because it makes it difficult to know if they are genuine. Third, some reviews say the company is a scam selling fake products.

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