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Lumiere Serum for Skin

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Lumiere Serum is a Powerful antioxidant and anti-free radical that improves the skin’s feel and the complexion’s luminosity.

Lumiere de Vie Hydrate x 3 Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Raise your hydration level with Lumiere de Vie Hydrate x 3 Hyaluronic Acid Serum. It is made with 3% hyaluronic acid of three different molecular weights – low, medium and high – to provide hydration to the three layers of the skin. Allowing it to retain internal and external moisture for a long time—this innovative method of penetration firms the skin through humidity. As a result, you minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while increasing elasticity and soothing irritations to leave skin calm, supple and soft to the touch. In addition, this refreshing, super-light serum absorbs quickly, so you can easily apply your favourite moisturizer for maximum hydration.


  • Made with three different molecular bulks of hyaluronic acid to provide maximum multi-level hydration
  • Deeply moisturizes skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Soothes irritated skin for a smooth complexion
  • Promotes elasticity for supple, touchable skin
  • Its ultra-light formula absorbs fast so that you can apply your favourite moisturizer
  • does not contain parabens


Sublimage the light essence


The hidden power of light concentrate in essence. This skin-perfecting treatment derives its extraordinary benefits from a unique plant derived from French medicine. In a genuine open-air laboratory, Anthyllis, a wild plant that draws its strength from natural light, is cultivated and preserved by CHANEL. From it, a natural active ingredient extracts, an actual vector of luminosity, acts on the skin’s irregularities and its cellular defence mechanisms for a perfectly uniform complexion. In addition, the antioxidant properties of Vanilla Planifolia Intense Water enrich the formula to protect the skin by helping it to cope with urban stress.


The light and creamy texture of SUBLIMAGE L’Essence Lumière immediately gives the skin a delicate sensation of freshness.

Day after day, a visible result is seen in the complexion’s homogeneity, the skin texture’s fineness, even purer, and the face revealing its original radiance.

Nutri-Lumiere Treatment Essence


Nutrient-rich anti-wrinkle essence naturally exfoliates, energizes and prepares mature skin for subsequent treatments. A nutrient-rich anti-wrinkle essence lotion formulated with plant-based ingredients naturally exfoliates and energizes, preparing mature skin to absorb all the benefits of following Nutri-Lumiere treatments fully. Refreshing Essence Lotion is the first step to a healthy-looking, luminous complexion.

  • Skin Type: All Types
  • Textura: Lotion
  • Usage: Apply to washed face and neck every morning or evening.


  • Exfoliates and energizes mature skin
  • Visibly lifts, smoothes and combats deep wrinkles
  • Prepares the skin for subsequent treatments
  • Moisturizes and softens

Lumiere de Vie Renewing Gelee (Treatment with Astaxanthin)


The secret solution to revitalizing your complexion’s radiance, Gelée Renovator, is Lumiere de Vie®’s newest astaxanthin treatment, crafted based on advanced scientific research and discovery. AstaReal (astaxanthin) works synergistically with a proprietary blend of lipids and algae polysaccharides to penetrate the skin to increase hydration. Provide excellent antioxidant protection, and help maintain and renew the skin’s texture. With its exceptional gelatinous texture, this avant-garde product glides on smoothly, allowing the skin to absorb all the benefits of this treatment. Experience a new way of attractive care of your skin with the Gelee Renovador de Lumiere de Vie.


  • Intensely moisturizes, leaving skin fresh and hydrated
  • Smoothes and evens skin tone to revitalize the complexion
  • It helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  • It helps reduce redness and increases skin radiance
  • Provides advanced antioxidant protection
  • does not contain parabens

Lumiere de Vie Eye Balm


Lumière de Vie Eye Balm helps soothe and reduce the appearance of puffiness while deeply conditioning and hydrating the delicate eye area. As a result, the entrance of fine lines and enlarged pores significantly improve while firming the skin in the most peaceful places.


  • It helps reduce the appearance of dark circles
  • Contributes to normal and healthy microcirculation in the skin
  • It helps firm and give elasticity to the under-eye area
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Moisturizes skin for a smoother, softer look and texture
  • Easy-to-blend pigments promote a flawless look


The Lumiere serum is a step in your skincare routine that comes after the cleanser and toner but before the moisturizer. Serums can not replace your daily cream because each acts towards different skin aspects.

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