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Super Digital Health Sometimes the temperature doesn’t make us want to leave the house. Getting the kids dressed, packing lunch, filling up the car… All of that isn’t very relaxing after a week of school chasing the weather. Sometimes we want to stay home and that is completely normal. Therefore, I offer you 7 ideas of activities to do as a family to relieve the boredom of your active little monsters!

Host a Costume Murder Mystery (to be adapted based on age)

You will need several hours because it is a lot of organization! Costumes, setting, characters… Everything must be perfectly organized. A parent can create a scenario themselves by choosing the culprit and then create characters for the entire family.

Activities to do as a Family can be an Afternoon of Tasting

You can also adapt this idea and combine it with a cooking day or gastronomic riddles (blindfolded food tasting). To develop the tastes of the whole family, choose strange foods that you have never tried before. Then you can prepare trays and experience the flavor! A great way to discover new foods and expand the variety of products at home.

One of the activities to do as a family is bubble bath, manicure, footbath, masks, massages! Rest as a family while taking care of your body and mind. You can combine these moments with healthy meals throughout the day and thus present a varied menu to your children. This will feature in

A Treasure Hunt

Create cardboard puzzles and offer a surprise at the end of the road to your children! Use a theme if you like immersive experiences. Pirate costumes, treasure map, closed chest, a great adventure awaits you.

Have a Movie Day (

A little trip to the grocery store to stock up on popcorn, jujubes, chips, and chocolate will make everyone happy! You can prepare a program of performances, provide a menu of children’s treats, and prepare a very cozy nest of blankets and pillows.

The Small Science Laboratory.

Get ready to get dirty! A quick search online will find many experiences and activities to do. Roll out a slime counter and evaluate the textures or visit the Les educaciontrespuntocero website for scientific, fun and educational experiments. It is all about

Other Activities to Do with the Family, Camping at Home

We took out the picnic and the marshmallows from the stove. Pitching a tent in the living room may not be feasible in small spaces, but you can create a blanket hut or simply set up a family bed in a room in the house. Telling each other little stories with a flashlight and giving each other big hugs all afternoon, it’s wonderful!

Now you have several tools and ideas to help you enjoy your family weekend, all you have to do is adapt them to your situation.



Sometimes, it’s just not possible to go out and enjoy the fresh air, and to tire out active and highly energetic children. But there’s lots of reasons we may find ourself fixed inside, not able to get out and play. The weather is regularly a big factor – it can turn miserable in a heartbeat, and scupper plans. Or the nation-wide lockdowns we are experiencing during the 2020/2021 Corona pandemic. Additionally to our activities for kids at home which we list here we’ve separately compiled the ultimate list of lockdown activities for your kids! So you can look up even more fun activities for kids at home to entertain them during lockdown.

You will also find yourself stuck inside when your little one just isn’t feeling well. And if your child is poorly, it gets really hard to explain why they have to stay inside and rest. Their attention span won’t last long enough to read them a story – they’ll likely need an indoor kids activity that’ll keep them busy over a longer period of time. Ideally one that is relaxing but still fun. Luckily you will definitely find an activity that fit your needs within our long list of enjoyable activities. Which is mostly important in


We have compiled even more fun things to do with your kids during lockdown as we are experiencing it during the Corona pandemic. You can also check out our list of activities for kids near your home.

If you are looking for an activity that is fun and educational at the same time check out our page where we explain planets for kids and much more exciting information about our solar system. Even toddlers can learn about planets. Of course we round this up with a fun planet craft activity!


We as parents always fear situations where the children have friends over for a play date and all of the hasty all the excitement has gone; They hunt you with this expression as if they would live in a family with not a single toy and are super bored. That’s when we toucanBox employees have learned to look at our list of activities for kids at home. The final game changer for play dates that do not quite go as planned. Hence, it is all about

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