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How to Set the Alarm for 4?

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Set the Alarm for 4

To Set the Alarm for 4 on your android mobile and iOS.

The song of the natures, the perfume of freshly brewed coffee, the first rays of sunlight through the curtains. Most people in industrialized countries do not usually wake up in such a pleasant way, only with the “beep, beep” of the mobile.

A good part of the population does not wake up naturally by itself. Around 75% of people ( according to sleep Review Mag data) are woken up abruptly by an alarm. Most also use their mobile phone. Whether or not we start the day on the right foot depends on our smartphones. That is why it is so important to set the Alarm correctly. We explain how and some practical applications to wake up.


How to set the Alarm on the mobile?

The alarm function includes by default in the mobile clock application. One of those pre-installed apps comes from the hand of the operating system itself and the customization layers of the different manufacturers. Although they can vary, this is how the alarms are set.

Set the Alarm on Android

  1. Open the Clock app or tap directly on time.
  2. Click on Alarm at the top.
  3. Select an alarm for 4.
  • So if you want to variation an existing one, tap on it to edit it.
  • If you want to add a new one, click on the add icon or +.
  1. Set the alarm time. Here we can have different clocks:
  • Analog type with hands, in which they will have to drag.
  • Digital type with numbers, in which you must enter the hour and minutes.
  • Digital type with 12-hour format, in which it will be necessary to be careful to indicate AM (before noon) or PM
  1. So, choose the weekly repetitions. The Alarm can usually go off one day, Monday through Friday or every Sunday, for example.
  2. Select the tone and vibration. Therefore, in each Alarm’s options, we can choose one of the default sounds that our smartphones incorporate or, depending on the model, add a song from Spotify, YouTube Music and similar platforms. You can also choose if you need it to vibrate or not when it sounds.

Set the Alarm on iOS

  1. Open the Clock app, then touch the Alarm tab.
  2. Press the add or + icon.
  3. Set the time  the Alarm for 4 or select one of the following options:
  • Repeat: to set a recurring alarm.
  • Label: to put a name to the Alarm.
  • Sound: therefore, choose the sound of the Alarm.
  • Sleep – to display an option to snooze the Alarm when it rings.
  1. Save.
  2. We can also ask Siri through commands such as: “Wake me up tomorrow at 6:30” or “Set the work alarm”.

How to find and Cancel an Alarm

On your Android phone or tablet, media and grip the home button or say, “Hey Google.”

Say or type a question or command. For example:

“What alarms set?”

“Show me my alarms.”

“Cancel my four-alarm.”

How to change the Volume of an Alarm

Press and hold the home key on your Android phone or tablet or say, “Hey, Google.”

Say or type the volume you need to change. For example:

“Alteration the alarm volume.”

“Open volume settings.”

“Turn up the alarm volume.”


Setting the Alarm on the smartphone is one more routine within the habits that precede bedtime. But, as we have seen, it is a procedure that does not involve any difficulty and for which we have many possibilities.

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