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Nair Cream for Sensitive Skin

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You do not have to worry since the Nair Cream wax formulas are especially thru to take care of sensitive skin.

Hair removal creams have made life easier for many women since they prevent them from cutting themselves with razors. It is an easy and painless way to get rid of unwanted hair.

However, various risks are associated with these substances, and we will see why.

Is there a risk of burning with these substances?

Hair removal creams contain substances responsible for dissolving the keratin that makes up the hair. Remember that the skin is also made up of a large percentage of keratin and can suffer the same consequences as hair. The application of hair removal creams could carry significant risks to the skin.

What are my recommendations?

If this is your first time or you have changed brands, apply a small amount to a localised area of ​​your skin and see if you tolerate the cream. If not: this method is not for you.

What signs should I be alerted to?

It would help if you were alert for persistent redness, blistering, and the onset of pain. It can cause folliculitis late, and these symptoms can appear immediately or late.

What should you do?

  1. Irrigate the affected area with lukewarm or cold water for approximately 20 minutes.
  2. Avoid scrubbing or using any soap.
  3. Apply neutral moisturiser several times a day. I do not suggest trying medications not recommended by your dermatologist, as some can worsen dermatitis.
  4. Do not wear tight clothing.
  5. Cover the skin from the sun.

Also, remember that the continuous use of these creams can alter the skin’s pH, but it does not weaken the hair. And it simply “cuts” it and can stimulate it to continue growing even thicker.

See your dermatologist for treatment if you have pain or more severe symptoms. Consider that laser or IPL technology hair removal will always be a better option for your skin: long-lasting and without side effects if done by a health professional.

How long does the effect of Nair depilatory cream last?

Depilatory creams dissolve hair by working at the root, unlike razors, which cut through the hair just above skin level. It means you can stay hair-free for up to four days.

Hair removal: Bikini area hair removal

Getting caught with an unshaven bikini can be your worst nightmare, but you can always look beautiful, thanks to Nair! Feel confident and prepared by choosing a product from the Nair range – whether you want quick results when you’re short on time or long-lasting hair removal that keeps your bikini area smooth for up to four weeks.

For a smooth bikini area quickly and painlessly, try Body Curv Nair Hair Removal Cream. It’s designed to remove underarm and bikini area hair and to keep skin hydrated and manageable, and it works in just five minutes.

Like a hair-free bikini area for up to four weeks with Wax, choose Nair Underarm and Bikini Cold Wax Strips for a ready-to-use solution, or Hot Wax for longer-lasting, professional results in your home.

Removing hair from the bikini area is easy with Nair, but this is a sensitive area. It’s best to follow our helpful tips to ensure you get the best results and avoid irritation.

Before use, trial on a small area of ​​skin you wish to treat. Follow all instructions in the brochure, and if there is no adverse reaction within 24 hours, you can continue using the product.

Using wax strips, you can cut them to size for hard-to-reach or more delicate areas.

Ingrown hair can reason a lot of problems in the entire bikini area. Exfoliate 24 hours earlier using Nair, and wear cotton underwear and slack clothing after waxing to help prevent them from developing.

To keep skin soft and avoid irritation, do not apply scented products, swim, sunbathe, or use a solarium for at least 24 hours after waxing.


Nair creams work by breaking down the hair’s keratin structure – the proteins. It effectively thins them out and dissolves the base of the follicles to the point where they are weak enough to be broken when the cream remove from the legs. Creams often contain several alkaline chemicals formulated to break down these proteins, but they are also safe for your skin. Different skins have different levels of sensitivity, of course. Hence, it’s crucial to get the right one for you (according to directions) and to test an amount of the cream on a small patch of skin before attempting hair removal. In a larger area, according to what indicate on the product packaging.

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